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Clark County Family and Children First Council offers this one-stop source of news and events related to the Council and its initiatives.  

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Find here a complete calendar of Family Council meetings for the Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee.  Also listed are the meetings of the Child and Family Collaborative and the Fatherhood Commission.

In addition, keep track of the Board meetings and events sponsored by Council organizations.  

  • Annually Family Council sponsors Social Services 101 to train new and seasoned staff on local programs and services for children, youth and families.  Find out about this and other training events here.  
  • Family and Children First Council members are actively involved in support of the Springfield Promise Neighborhood and the Community Alliance for Youth.  Check here for institutes, workshops and special events related to these and other initiatives.  
  • The Family Council staff disseminate news and information regarding  training opportunities and special programs sponsored by public and private partner agencies through an extensive email group.  Find that same information here.