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Fatherhood Clark County is Clark County, Ohio's official mobilization initiative to promote and celebrate heathy fathering for the benefit of our community's children. FCC ia suported by a combination of private and public funding and operates under the 501(c)3 of Urban Light Ministries, Inc., it's fiscal agent.











Despite a steady rain, a good time was had by all! Thanks to the many volunteers and donors for all that you contributed to this year's celebration.


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Ohio Commission on Fatherhood sponsored a Community Mobilization Webinar on October 30, 2014 featuring Fatherhood Clark County. In it, FCC Director Eli Williams presented an overview of Clark County's effort to create a sustainable movement to increase the number of local children who are growing up with the benefit of present, active, and skilled fathers.

Watch the Community Mobilization Webinar by clicking here.  

To download the Webinar Power Point presentation, click here.



7 Ohio Fatherhood Programs are Achievement Award Winners!

FCC Director Eli Williams accepted the award at the Ohio Fatherhood Summit on May 22, 2014

Seven programs in Ohio were recently recognized by the Ohio Practitioners’ Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF) for implementing an innovative program that promotes healthy and responsible fatherhood.  Fatherhood Clark County, The Ridge Project, Passages Connecting Fathers and Families, the Fairfield County Visitation Center, No Kidding Ohio, WSOS Community Action, and Summit County Children Services were honored for their exemplary models of achievement in promoting healthy fatherhood.   

Dr. Brian Moore, OPNFF President, stated “The hope is that these seven programs will inspire other program leaders to apply for a Fatherhood Achievement Award.”  All award winners will be listed in a compendium of best practices. The compendium will be shared with more than 1,200 fatherhood advocates, practitioners, and partners, including the Ohio University College of Health Sciences and Professions and the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood. 

OPNFF, Ohio University, and the Ohio Fatherhood Commission are partnering in a fatherhood initiative to improve networking and inform community, academic, and government leaders. Brian Moore added “OPNFF is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and we are so pleased to recognize innovative fatherhood programs and services and to share information with our partners.”

Read about the awarded programs here: http://ohiofathers.org/fatherhood_achievement_award_winners.asp